Healthy Snacks

Back to school means a busier schedule for you and your kids. Try these simple healthy snacks for those on-the-go quick-fixes or healthy staples for your kid’s lunchbox.

Garden of Life’s New Living Foods™ Bars
Talk about a healthy alternative to a candy bar or granola bar! All 3 flavors provide unique benefits, such as fiber, super greens and antioxidants, and they provide more fiber than Nutri-Grain and Kashi granola bars. Each bar contains soluble fiber from oat beta glucan, an important ingredient for supporting a healthy heart, glycemic response and digestion. The ingredients look like a grocery list full of raw organic whole foods, such as nuts, berries, vegetables, and sprouted grains – all packed into an all-natural snack bar. Flavors like cinnamon apple, summer berry and raspberry will keep you and your kids wanting more!

Garden of Life’s Organic Hawaiian Lehua Honey and Almond Butter Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread. This tasty sandwich can be an after-school snack or a lunch time staple. The , raw honey provides rich nutrients and enzymes in a sweet and healthy treat you or your kids can enjoy. Creamy raw almond butter provides fiber, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E, and so does whole grain bread, as well as providing other valuable antioxidants and vitamin B.


Garden of Life’s Perfect Meal Perfect Meal is a delicious and satisfying high protein and high fiber drink designed to be used as a meal supplement, available in two great tasting natural flavors: creamy vanilla and milk chocolate. As part of a healthy diet and exercise program, Perfect Meal will help you successfully manage your weight by naturally curbing your appetite

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